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Starring popular virtual YouTuber (Hololive)
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Yanase Games Inc.
Jun 16, 2021
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Obsessive love Utsuro’s diary APK for Android & IOS

Starring popular virtual YouTuber (Hololive)

Main character 「Hataro」has a girlfriend and is a socialable regular high school student
It’s a diary exchange. It’s popular these days Hataro-kun. Don’t you know? Everyone’s doing it.
The girlfriend 「Utsuro」’s idea to start the popular diary exchange.
The slightest trigger was the beginning of a nightmare…

「Utsuro’sdiary」is recommenced for the following.

People who like obsessive lovers,clingy ,sweet and sour games.
People who like love adventure
People who like horror
People who like novel games
People who like virtual youtubers
People who did diary exchanges in the past
Peopl who like playing games that make you feel or become depressed.
Important points
This application doesn’t support data recovery. Please manage data at your own risk.
About secondary creation/ video distribution
For live streaming ( live commentary) of the game 「Utsuro’s diary」, only the main part of the game is allowed to be recorded or used for commentary
Please note that additional content part when charging will not be accepted.
Please obey the following 2 points
① specify the name of the game in the title of the video/streaming
② Post the game’s official homepage•link, application’s download link in the description bar of the video/streaming.
「Utsuro’s diary」official site.
CHARONUniverse(CHARON official site)
This game’s download address
It is possibly to create secondary illustrations freely.
However, it’s prohibited to extract and use the illustrations and music in the game.
On older phone models,, the operation may lag.
Important points of the game
If you use an older phone model, the application may lag or won’t work smoothly.
You are able to download this application to almost all types of smartphones but we can’t guarantee that it will operate smoothly. We don’t accept any complaints about the application not working on older versions of a smartphone
Before charging, please make sure to play the main game once and checked that you have played until the end. In adfition, we don’t accept any questions or complaints about charging because the game application will fall.
Furthermore, due to bugs and malfunctions of the player’s smartphone, payment may not proceed smoothly. In that case, we don’t take any responsibilities.
Please only play and charger if you agree to the above.



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