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KawaiiWorld APK for Android & IOS

KawaiiWorld 3D | Sirvival Crafting Game start the game and start creating your world from various beautiful cubes and prepared items: flowers, paintings, table with computer.
With Kawaii World 3D house was created all in pink game for girls and boys most sweet thing is the creates a kawaii dream island..
Choose your side in this world ? a Builder (Creative mode) or an Explorer (Survival mode) who is drawn to discover more and more unexplored places..

Start the game and start creating your world from various beautiful cubes and prepared items: flowers, paintings, kitchen, bedroom, table with computer and your figures, houses, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, jewelry stores and more..

First of all, it is worth pointing out that the new and very cool of KawaiiWorld Cute Pink World Crafting Game is a mod for minecraft pocket edition. But the game KawaiiWorld is also pretty cool even without all of this, because even so this game has a lot of content that will be very interesting for each of us. And also the Kawaii World 3D mod for minecraft is a sequel to a very cool modification for mcpe. let’s see the innovation in it:

✅ support for other versions for our favorite game.
✅ very beautiful KawaiiWorld house with a huge amount of household appliances.
✅ updated mechanics from a bow, now he will shoot hearts.
✅ incredible pink house for minecraft that will impress every girl in the world, and perhaps even guys.
✅ the updated experience with the game.
✅ large list of updates to our other projects inside the game itself.
✅ it is a global and detailed World Kawaii with lots of activities and outposts, just like in far cry 6.
✅ was completely renovated beyond recognition Kawaii textures for Minicraft, which now feels completely new and is played much more interesting and more enjoyable.
✅ huge amount of incredible modes, the type of mode Kawaiiworld in which you will have to fight with other players for the title of the beloved player (available on embedded servers version).
✅ the ability to install any other texture to Kawaii.
✅ very cool as you look, a new built-in map Kawaiiworld craft dream island, made for all ages.
✅ built-in store other modifications.
✅ the ability to set other cute fashion for maynkraft absolutely different subjects.
✅ just a huge and very diverse package of skins, which even includes skins in the style of kawaii.

In this new Craft Kawaii World game – 3D exploration infinity crafstman world, castles and churches, cities & villages, dream countries and island. All avaible in open 3D world with unlimited possibilities only for you!

Craftsman build with friends in multiplayer mode and get the most out of it. With the game Assemble & Build..

— Download and with friend enjoy. Thank you! —


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