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7Days! : Mystery Visual Novel APK for Android & IOS

Are you bored of the same old novels? Are you interested in interactive story games, visual novel, choice based storyline, and indie games, but you’re tired of the same old? Try our Adventure Game, a Mysterious Novel where choices do matter! We are offering our free interactive storytelling game named ‘7Days: Mystery Visual Novel, Adventure Game’. All our stories, mysterious novels are written by diligently selected authors.

Here we come a story game, filled with mystery, touching, innocent episodes, storyline and chat stories!

🕵️‍♂️’7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel, Adventure Game’ is an amazing mystery story game and choice based game. It is a unique choice based, storytelling game where the user can create their unique story based on the choices they make.

We will provide the best story game experience with a great mystery storyline via the chat based adventure game, designed to suit mobile devices. It is a strongly recommended game for you.

If you want an ad-free experience, please purchase the paid version of 7Days. You can enjoy unlimited play without the ticket system.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buffstudio.sevendays

🤔Game explained

Every choice you make will change your story.
Every small choice will change your relationships with comrades,
and change your fate and those of your comrades at critical moments.

You may be the villain, or a trustworthy comrade.
Everything depends on your choices.

📖Mystery Storyline

There are dead spirits who have been put to test for resurrection in the world of death.
The messenger of death has assigned them each with a task and they must either attack one another or work together. Your character, Kirell, must also complete the choice-based tasks that she has been assigned.
But her tasks requires others to die….

You only have 7 days 😖
What choice will you make?

👉 Experience this imagination-provoking story right now.

🎮’7Days!: Mystery Visual Novel, Adventure Game’ features

– Graphic Novel style artwork with stunning graphics
– Unique game setting that switches between life and death
– Mystery storyline that changes according to your choices
– Various achievements and hidden challenges
– Different episodes and endings based on the story
– Text adventure with a mysterious feeling
– Exciting storytelling game
– Choice based game in mystery

👍We recommend this Adventure Game, Story Game for…

– Who Like Visual Novel, Mystery Games, Adventure Game or Story Games, Opus, Innocent
– Want to kill time while playing Adventure Games or reading a Visual Novel
– Love to be in World of Ghosts, or like to play Mystery Games, Interactive Storyline
– Want to play for free? Our adventure game ‘Underworld Office’ is 100% free to play.
– Love light novels, Masterpiece Storyline, Mysterious Novel or Adventure Games
– Those who want to move from the old stories & old templates of adventure game
– Love interactive mystery story, Masterpiece Novel, Storytelling game
– Those who get tired of playing regular novel story
– Who Like Adventure Games | Best Storytelling | Mystery Storyline | Thriller Storyline | Innocent Storyline | Indie Games

📌We guarantee that it’ll be fun. Download and experience it right now

We bring new adventure game storyline! Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy our Thriller, Mystery Story Adventure Games!

If you see any issues or have good suggestions, please send them to help@buffstudio.com. We will work hard make better Choice based story games, Mystery storytelling, Indie games, Thriller storyline, Adventure games, Choice based game.

💌We need your support to make better story games, adventure games, visual novel games. Please recommend this storytelling game to your family and friends. It will be of great help to us.




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